The Truth About The “Bridge Of Promise in Batangas City Will Be Closed”: Just A Rumor

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The rumor about the Bridge of Promise (at Kumintang Ibaba and Gulod area) will be closed (as well) for repair IS NOT TRUE.

man-67327_640Many people are really curious about this matter. And we do not even know how this rumor even started. Pallocan bridge is already kissing the riverbed of Calumpang. Now you want the other bridge that connect us to our favorite shopping mall be closed as well? Do they want Gulod Island in Batangas City, or say SM Island? Nah. The other part of Batangas City will be isolated, a terrible thing to say. Or can we say inconveniently inaccessible. Fortunately, this is only a rumor. Well, for now. Let’s hope for the best.

I searched about this ordeal and here are my findings:

On Atty. Reggie Dimacuha’s Facebook (he is the Secretary to the City Mayor), he posted “As verified today by the representatives of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Central Office, there is absolutely NO TRUTH to the rumor that the Bridge of Promise is CRACKED, is UNSTABLE, or that it will be CLOSED to motorists due to repairs. The Bridge of Promise is stable and will remain open to all motorists. Per coordination with the DPWH District Office, lorries, trucks and heavy equipment will be allowed to cross the Bridge of Promise ONE-AT-A-TIME between 10pm-4am ONLY.”

The Mayor’s Secretary Office officially and clearly states that this particular bridge is open and will always be open to motorists EXCEPT that heavy vehicles will be only allowed to cross the bridge one-at-a-time in a specific time (10pm to 4am only).

Also posted on ex-vice mayor Joe T‘s Facebook (already translated in English due to the rules of “It is rumored that on Monday, the Bridge of Promise will be closed. With the information I gathered, that rumor is NOT TRUE. I have FB friends asking me about it. I immediately asked information about it from authorities and I would like everyone to know that there is NO TRUTH behind the rumor about the bridge being closed. All I’ve learned is that big trucks (vehicles) will not be allowed to cross the bridge on a specific time of the day, and no two vehicles will cross the bridge together. There should be interval. They can cross the bridge between 10pm to 4am only. Let’s help each other to be watchful over this bridge and proactive in reporting violations to the respective authorities.” (I apologize to my FB friend Joe T for the poor translation, he-he)

Here are strong testimonies from legit Facebook accounts of these 2 prominent city figures – one is the mayor’s secretary himself and the other one is a well-respected public figure.

Hope this will clear out the rumor. The Bridge of Promise, according to these two public figures, will not be closed from motorists on Monday. Everything is OK. It will stay that way. Traffic-jammed.

Hope the TDRO men will watch over the bridge with their best. We surely don’t want to take boat-rides from Kumintang or Poblacion to go to SM!

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