Do You Still Remember Batman From Bay Radio’s “It’s Joketime”?

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Do you know Batman? Nope. Not Bruce Wayne, the caped crusader of Gotham. This certain Batman that I’m talking about is from Batangas City. He’s actually a local radio superstar, and let’s say a local hero na din!

Who doesn’t know Batman? Well, if you’ve been living in a cave for the last 2 decades of your boring life, then chances are you do not know this radio superstar. But if you happen to be a fun-loving Batanguenyo, then you must know him.Yes that wacky smarty-pants, heavy-accent Batanguenyo man from the now-defunct radio station in Batangas City, Bay Radio 104.7 FM.. He has lots of crazy hilarious antics that will make you smile wide everytime you hear it until now. Even if you repeatedly listen to it, it is a certified smile-maker.I believe you and your friends have laughed your pants off together with this ultra-funny guy!As far as I know, Batman was created by the Bay Radio station manager himself, DJ Logan. Batman is actually the main joker at a segment or let’s say radio “breaker” ( a radio jargon/term for a certain recording that separates songs from commercial ads) that they simply called “It’s Joketime!”. Most scripts were written by him and a certain Peter Parker and Batman himself. After a few rehearsals and funny accent training, Batman was able to record the perfect actual hardcore Batanguenyo accent that most Batanguenyo folks relate to. Most of the time, he was with Abong and Tiyo Igmo.

Why Batman? It is actually Bat-Man. Meaning Batanguenyo Man. He used to be a Bay Radio technical man – a radio personnel that provides support to both the DJs onboard and the radio station itself. Later on, he was able to pilot his very own program with Abong every afternoon. I forgot the program title, though. I was able to meet him sometime last year before the senatorial elections at Lemery. He was far from what I had imagined as the typical Batman look (istambay japorms and all). Batman looked decent, a small fair-skinned man in casual haircut and highly conversational. A big surprise for all of you, huh?

Most jokes are like parody to Batanguenyo culture, traditions, lifestyles, way of living and thinking. Batman portrays a smarty pants, full of bravado, proud yet somehow dim-witted Batanguenyo man on most of his jokes that never fails to crack laughter to all his fans. My personal favorites were the “anung tingin mo sa akin, sabaw?”, “lugi ka ngay-un”, “bat sasabihing sampu”, “busina”, “kagatan”, “muntik na ho ako, inay”, “alin ang mas mahal ninyo, ako o ang baboy?”, “maghanap na ng malalabasan, aku’y mayroon na”,  “u-ang”, “pag hindi kapa napadumi, aywan ko na” and the hilarious “pahakbang-hakbang pag nadumi”…

Currently, its recordings at Youtube are hitting more than a million views. These jokes were uploaded by a certain “cjeivilla” who is undeniably a certified Batman fan. You can search it on Google using this keyword: Batman joke time – Batangenyo SUPER COMEDY.

Currently, DJ Logan is affiliated with Air1 Radio, while Batman… somewhere out there doing his usual money-making stints for his family as a father. His former colleagues say he’s now working with Spirit FM’s advertisements. Some says he’s back on his low-profile status.

Wherever he is now, we must say thank you for the happy times you gave us with your Batman jokes. Same gratitude goes to his creators.

Don’t forget to share this post if you find this quite entertaining and informative. BTW, may I ask. How about you you, which Batman joke is your favorite?

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