Sicarius Band: Meet Batangas City’s Acoustic Music Super-Group

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It’s not easy to follow your passion and reach the limelight in an instant, or say in a short period of time. A local Batangas City music group knows exactly how hard that is. Let me tell you about Sicarius.

Sicarius is a Batangas City-based indie-alternative, acoustic rock, pop-blues band. Through their 16-track debut album, “For the Love and Music”, backed-up with constant guesting around Batangas and Manila area, they have managed to be one of the most highly-revered acts in the Batanguenyo music scene. “Selosa”, their first ever carrier single, topped the charts on MYX Music Channel and is also being played on various radio stations provincially and nationwide. A truly Batanguenyo pride, isn’t it?? And take note: Sicarius hails from Batangas City. That’s why we are featuring them here.

They’ve just released their 2nd album last July 2014 entitled “PAGBIBINATA” . With its carrier single “Hibla” currently playing along inside the Myx Hit Chart, the band is hopeful that this song will reach it to the top once again like what their first hit song did (it reached top 13). 

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Moreover, they have live performance videos by Wehavenoeyedeasessions, and a music video under Play Productions which enable the band to reach followers locally and abroad. This only proves that the talented bunch can actually perform and entertain in front of a live audience which is a very precious feat for fans. Sicarius, which is made up of Bryan Webster Figueras (vocals, guitars), Shallum John Recto (cajun), Sharezer Recto (bass guitar), Rosemark Cepillo (bongos) and Meldrick Johnson Figueras (guitars, vocals). Inspired with the thought that one day their music will give a nice break of fresh air to the Philippine music scene, they continuously offer a relaxed, not-so-cutesy brand of music. met Sicarius last year in the Philhealth nationwide funrun where they were one of the performers, and with the advent of Facebook and a few text messages, we were able to produce this small interview to get to know Sicarius better:

How did the band start?

Sicarius: Nagsimula yung concept to play on a band nung childhood days, kaming dalawa ng kapatid ko. Ayaw kami makabanda ng iba so instead of proving ourselves to other people, naisip naming baka pwede kami na lang ang magsama. The unplugged-band set up started way back in 2011 when we met some of our brothers from another mother. Nag experiment kami. Hilaw kami as a full band but never will be enough for an acoustic mash up. So we decided to stick on our character – hindi malinis pero hindi din naman maduming-madumi. Nagsimula din po kaming magsulat ng mga kantang not so political but more of social issues like rebellion, mutiny, dumping policies, etc… until we experienced stuff with other people. Natutong umibig. Sa madaling-sabi, naging malalandi po kami kaya nakaisip ng ibang mga kanta aside from mga pag-tuligsa sa lipunan. Ang meaning ng Sicarius  ay “spider assasins”. We want to open one’s eye towards the outrageous system which consumes us all. But then habang nag-mamature lalo lang kaming kumakati at nagiging malandi pa  😀

Who are your major foreign and Pinoy music heroes (influences)?

Sicarius: Beatles, Bob Marley, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson (as for the band not individually).. madaming-madami pa po. For major OPM influences, it will be The Eraserheads, APO Hiking Society, Itchyworms, Johnoy Danao (again, as for the band not individually).. at madaming-madami pa din po.

How did you make it to the Myx Hit Chart?

Sicarius: We used to have amateur music videos directed by our dear friends from Lipa City (Play Productions and Whavenoeyedeasessions). Along the way when we posted it on Internet, ABS-CBN via WRR 101.9 (MOR na ngayon) noticed it and decided to invite us on one of their radio programs. First nationwide airing po namin yun. Tinanong nila kami if we have some TV material videos (and fortunately, we have). That’s the day when “Selosa” our first single, made its way to MYX Premiere. Sa kabutihang palad po ay napagtulungan nating mga mag-kababaryo ang botohan. Maraming nagtaka kasi sino ba naman ang Sicarius and we are talking about national charts dominated by prestigious artists with wide fanbase. (We were thinking that) it’s too elusive for the group to penetrate even a single slot knowing that we just have a few circle of friends around 043 (Batangas) area. Thousands of votes for a position that lasts for a week, sa awa po ng Maykapal ay nakatagal ang video for almost 6 weeks inclining until top 13. Yung 3rd official music video po namin eh nagpe-play na din ngayon sa Myx. Di na po kami umaasa dahil super-duper na po ang appreciation na naibigay samin. Andaming blessings na kung tutuusin. Bonus na lang kung makapasok pa sa top charts ulet 🙂

What do you guys do on the side if you’re not playing music?

Sicarius: Bryan Webster D. Figueras, staff nurse emergency department. Sharezer Recto, government employee. Meldrick Johnson Figueras, employee. Shallum John Recto, instructor/flairtender.  Rosemark Cepillo, self-scale employee. At kung anu-anu pa pong sideline.. 😀

Where have you been playing and any big artists you played alongside?

Sicarius: Sa venues po marami dito sa Batangas like Al Fresco Bar, Cups and Jiggers, Euphoria, D’ Brothers’, Gigabyte, Dreamland at napakadami pong local places around 043 area. Sa Manila po, IDB Bar Paranaque, Alabang Town Center, 70’s Bistro, Saguijo, Conspiracy, Amos Cafe, District 2140, B-Side, etc… ang iba po di ko na matandaan. Sa artists po, ang first recording studio po namin e same studio with Peso Movement, Goodleaf, Aliya Parcs, etc… On the second studio, we shared the same equipments with Hidden Nikki, Up Dharma Down, Peryodiko, Mom’s Cake, Earthmover, Jejaview, Siakol, etc… Same production naman po kami with Soapdish, Kamikazee, Itchyworms, Rocksteddy, Typecast, and Shamrock. Nakasama din po namin nuon sina Ely Buendia, Oktaves, Lougee Basabas (of Mojofly), Maldita (the singer of hit song Porque), Barbie Almalbis and Champ Lui Pio.

Those are the perks that you get for following your passion. This Batangas City band started small and now they’re on the high seats of their craft. It’s not easy, but when you have that burning passion for that one thing you love, it will be worth the try. and Sicarius hope that this article will inspire some other bands out there, not only in Batangas City but in the whole province. Love what you’re doing, and the rest will be a piece of cake. This applies to all kinds of passion, not just music.

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You can visit their Facebook Fan Page here. And, you can listen to their album via Spotify and iTunes.

In the meantime, please do check out their latest single “Hibla” on this music video below. Do not forget to support our talented kababayans in the Myx Hit Chart, okay? 😀

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