A Hunger-Game Map: Best Restaurants In Batangas City (And Eateries)

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Best Restaurants In Batangas City

Where are the best restaurants in Batangas City? This is a “hunger-game” roadmap for starving Batanguenyos and tourists, alike.

Let’s say you’re approaching Batangas City via Star Tollway from Manila, and you’re starving like hell… BatangscityPH.com will give you a nice foodtrip-map that will get you going pass through Balagtas exit in no time! Here’s Batangas City’s best places to eat, the most famous bunch — REAL CROWD FAVORITE restaurants in Batangas City!!!

in Balagtas…

There’s AL GOTO KING if you go straight Pier-bound. Lots of food available here, from pork to kambing dishes and even local fishes in sinigang, sinaing to fried. And of course, you should try their version of goto and bulalo.

Again, if you go straight pier-bound by way of Balagtas-Bolbok diversion road, there is a food oasis halfway right there called TREE HOUSE RESTAURANT. It’s been an old time favorite by Batangas City folks, mostly men. And still very famous even without much marketing and media ads. I don’t know exactly why, but I believe it’s because of that “remote” location, good ambience (being a tree house resto, itself) and of course I must say, great-tasting traditional Batanguenyo food. So don’t forget to drop-by there, alright? It’s the Tree House Batangas City.

Somewhere in the Bolbok Diversion road is a short-cut road going to San Pascual via Barangay Banaba. Make an entry there and just a few meters you will find on the right a German-themed restaurant  called EL TORRO RESTAURANT For some reason this place is famous despite its remote location (or it could be the advantage??) It has a nice ambience though. Haven’t tasted their food yet.

Now, if you will NOT take that Batangas Pier road fron Balagtas exit, and you’re Batangas City Proper-bound via Balagtas-Alangilan road, the first resto that you can go to is JORJHANES GOTO AND BULALO, just past 100 meters from the Balagtas intersection. It’s almost the same as Al Goto King when it comes to their food offerings, just with a better packaging.

jorjhanes bulalo batangas

Past 1 kilometer (still in barangay Balagtas) is the SM Hypermarket. If you prefer food in an SM establishment, then you can drop by there and dine in with an array of well-selected foodcarts. As of writing this post, they have Oven Fresh Hot Roast, Henlin, Leylam Shawarma, Paotsin, The Buko Bar, Lotsa Pizza, Johanna’s Goto Corner and Potato Corner.

By the way, there’s a best-selling cheap siomai and siopao stall right outside the Tingga-exit of this Hypermarket that’s really worth a try.

in Alangilan…

Then you can go on and stop by at D’ CHINOYS  EXPRESS in Alangilan, in front of Alangilan Elementary school. Lots of people eat here on almost any time of the day. With very wallet-friendly prices for its food offerings, it’s highly recommended for the budget-conscious folks. And I must say, their food tastes way better for a medium-sized eatery.

restaurants in batangas city chinoys

About 200 meters from Chinoy’s, is the Golden Country Subdivision, the home of Batangas State University’s Alangilan Campus. If you love campus-based carinderias, then you should stroll down there. Lots of medium-sized carinderias are present in front of the school.

Past Golden Country Homes Subdivision, you will see two great food havens for Batangas City peeps namely MJCA’S BISTRO and IRENE’S BULALO SA KUBO. I must say that these two restos have the best pork sisig in the city. You can go to Irene’s for your typical silog and goto, bulalo. And also they have nice featured menus everyday from caldereta to lechong kawali, and of course, bulalo. Meanwhile, I haven’t been to the new Mjca’s resto, but before that, I was able to taste their pork adobo, sisig, silog and fried food and I must say, they have deliciously-prepared goodies that you will love to taste for sure. You can drink ice-cold beers on these establishments.

mjcas batangas city

Next to that, you will have to drive for like another 500 meters, past Sterling Heights Subdivision, you will see on the right Alangilan people’s favorite lomi house – MEGA LOMI HAUS. Originated from MegaHeights subdivision, they have relocated here and still a blockbuster to lomi fans.

A few meters away from Mega Lomi is ROMY’S LECHON just before you reach De Joya Subdivision. It’s a crowd-favorite lechon and offers great-tasting pansit, silogs and other Pinoy dishes as well.

Next is an evening-only barbeque grill called KULAS BBQ. It operates from 5pm onwards. They offer lugaw, arroz caldo, and rice for different kind of barbeques from liempo, to chicken feet, betamax (chicken blood), helmet (chicken head) to pork liver.

butch restaurant batangas city

A few blocks away is the famous BUTCH RESTAURANT. One of the best restaurant in Batangas City, and a big crowd-favorite for its lutong-bahay menus plus seafood dishes.

in Kumintang Ilaya…

I almost missed this — GATE CAMP EATERY near the Batangas Police Provincial Office. I haven’t tried it yet there, but I believe the food are good. I saw lots of people (and families) going in and out from this humble restaurant.

Next is SHUTOKIL, a new Cebuano dish-themed restaurant. They offer traditional Cebuano dishes like sugba (ihaw), tula and kilaw. i tasted their chicken barbeque and it can rival Mang Inasal’s, I promise.

shutokil batangas city

There’s another one in front of Pic N Save Supermarket in Kumintang Ilaya – BERNIE’S CANTEEN . They offer barbequed liempo, as in cube-sliced pork belly “on-sticks”.. and both pork and goat caldereta. They said it’s a videoke house at night where you can drink beer.

TNF RESTAURANT is an old-time favorite resto right in front of Batangas Capitol. Good place to chill out while eating your favorite local food and drinking beer.

A & M VILLAGE RESTAURANT, somewhere in the Meralco Site area. I haven’t been there but several readers insist that this should be included. I think we should definitely visit this place in Kumintang Ibaba.

At Don Ramos Road, going to SM, there’s another oldies-but-goodies restaurant, THE SAWALI RESTAURANT. It’s a huge place that serves local delicacies. Its main attractions are the kubo-kubo eating places they have in their beautiful-ambience place.

in Gulod Ibaba…

After that we will have to cruise down Gulod Ibaba via Don Ramos Road in barangay Kumintang Ibaba. Past LPU-High School, Fil-Oil gas station and Pontefino Hotel is the famous GINAZEL’S RESTAURANT. They have certified great-tasting food for everyone from sinigang to calderetang baka.

If you will drive past Ginazel’s going to Barangay Sampaga (Lobo-bound), there’s a famous eatery there frequented by truckers and byaheros named LUMANGLAS EATERY on the right side. Lots of food choices to eat.

After that, make a u-turn and head to SM Batangas City..
You’ll pass two great restaurants before you reach the Holy Trinity Parish Church and SM City Batangas. There’s WANAM SA BUKID and RESTAURELIA’S. Restaurelia’s offer genuine Batanguenyo cuisines, serving their own version of sinaing na isda, sinigang, caldereta, adobo and the like. Meanwhile, Wanam sa Bukid offers Filipino cuisines with a touch of Chinese cooking.

in Pallocan West…

Driving past SM City Batangas, Libjo-bound turn left to the entrance of GC Berberabe Subdivision and you’ll end up to the famed home of crispy pata and chicken – the F. BAYLOSIS RESTAURANT. Here you will be able to taste authentic Batanguenyo cuisines at its best. They are very famous with their original uber-crispy tasty pata..

f baylosis restaurants in batangas city

If you want a little ambience of a sportsbar while eating your favorite food and a bottle of your favorite beer, you can pass by F. Baylosis, a few meters away and there’s the coliseum-themed D’ BROTHERS SPORTS BAR. It’s a one-of-a-kind sports bar with great-tasting food and lots of branded-beers.

in Libjo…

After that, head on to GC Berberabe’s Exit and turn left. Past Libjo bridge is JENINA’S LUTONG BAHAY. They offer the famous eat-all-you-can buffet of well-cooked lutong bahay dishes.

back in Pallocan West (pa-Calumpang)...

After that, head back to the SM area and turn left on the stoplight at 711. Drive straight past Andoks and Batangas Hall of Justice, and you will find JEMAENA’S CUISINE. Aside from the local pinoy delicacies, they also accept paluto on their fresh seafood offerings inside the resto.

at downtown Batangas City (town proper)…

Drive on to downtown Batangas City from Pallocan West (SM area), and head on to city hall. On the right side of Plaza Mabini, just a bit behind 711 is a small resto called KAY’S NOOK. Good place to eat, I will bet on that. Deliciously-cooked traditional dishes.

You can go on foot here, while your car is parked somewhere in front of Plaza Mabini. You will walk past Mcdonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts to reach GOODISH (if you’re walking past Landbank, you’ve missed Goodish already). One of the best hidden foodie gems in Batangas City. You will pass inside a narrow commercial alley that leads to this resto. You should try their lechong kawali and other home-cooked style Pinoy dishes.

Also, worthy of mention is PETER AND ESTER inside the Batangas City Old Public Market (Batanguenyos fondly call this as “Luma”). This is your ordinary karinderya-type of restaurant inside the public market. Lots of food to choose from for all meals.

peter and ester batangas city

From the Old Public Market, drive through Evangelista St. and on the P. Canlapan intersection and there’s HO-TSAI FOODHOUSE. This is also a well-loved Pinoy food resto with a bit of Chinese twist.

For inihaw na tulingan and barbequed liempo, make sure you pass at what my friends and I fondly call KRIS’ TULINGAN. Lots of gulay dishes and of course your favorite grilled tulingan and liempo. It’s at Noble Street, about 2 blocks away from Iglesia Ni Cristo.

THE OTHER PLACE (T.O.P.) RESTAURANT is another famous Pinoy-themed restaurant in the city that is frequented by local and expat tourists. It is in front of the Batangas City Fire Station, somewhere along in the left-front side of Batangas State University main campus (at the Rizal Avenue intersection stoplight going to PPA).

I missed this one, but this should definitely be inside this post — JOHANNA’S GRILLE along P. Burgos, located on the right side before you reach Nuciti from Lawas. They serve one of the best baby back ribs I’ve ever tasted. Promise. Very tasty. They won’t bring it in Batangas City if they really have nothing to boast about (their original home-based resto is in Manghinao, Bauan).

Lastly, there’s ENYA’S LOMI at Vergara going to Istasyon. We were suki of this “lumian” back in college. Great-tasting lomi with lots of palabok from atay, to pritong karne to sliced bola-bola to chicharon to itlog ng pugo!!!

in Cuta…

If you’re in a serious foodtrip and it doesn’t matter to you if it’s hindi sosyal basta masarap then I can definitely suggest you the Cuta-Coliseum-De Las Alas area… This is a food haven, indeed. Although my favorite here is the WANG AND TONG’S (famous for their barbeque, caldereta, sisig and adobo), several karinderyas have sprouted over here which cater to both jeepney drivers and BSU students alike. This is where I usually go when I crave for that inihaw na liempo na nasa tindagan!

Meanwhile, in Calicanto crossing, there’s a famous “mamihan” (mami stall) where people eat hot mami non-stop from sun-up to sun-down. Yup, even during scorchingly-hot afternoons! Katapat lang ng chapel.

Whew! There you go. It’s pretty tiring to enumerate all of these and now I’m already starving after writing this. Those are, so far, the most famous list of dining/eating places for hungry food adventurers out there!! I have to say this list is particularly based on their popularity via customer traffic that I have observed from these places. And also hearsays from the city folks! I apologize for labeling this post with “restaurants in Batangas City” despite the fact that most places mentioned here are humble eateries. But I believe these places are, for some reason, more deserving to be called restaurants compared to other so-called “restaurants”.

There are so many other best places to eat, top restaurants in Batangas City that I have yet to discover specially in the Bolbok-Sta.Rita area, but that’s reserved for my other food adventures in the city. Or maybe you can help me out by posting your personal favorites in your places here in Batangas City. Don’t forget to comment below!!!!

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share this list of the best restaurants in Batangas City to your friends. SHARING IS CARING!!!!! 🙂

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  1. haha haven’t been there at McOdies but yeah, I think it should be there! Letty’s? yeah, akala ko wala na sila. But will update this post soon. I missed Johanna’s Grille as well. Duh! Thank you for commenting! 😀

  2. enya’s lomi house sa may vergara street. malulunod ka sa lomi na may sandamakmak na ulam. just dont forget to ask for chopped onions. yum yum!!

  3. If you want “Baby Back Ribs” and other delicious foodies, you have to try “Johanna’s Grill”… on the right side of the main street of Batangas City after the traffic light from Capitolio

  4. Panalo yung mami sa Peter and Ester. Tsaka tuwing may bisita kami galing Manila, gustong-gusto nila yung pancit sa Wanam. 😀

  5. talaga brader? Ayaw namin ng lomi dun at sobrang laki ng miki, gadaliri ng mamay ih hehe joke lang. Pero tunay? masarap ang miki guisado nila? Mahilig pa naman ako sa guisado… 😀

  6. Brade Louie po, lomi house near Mang Inasal sa bayan!! Best lomi house i’ve been to. Good eat!

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