Residencia De Riego Beach And Dive Resort: You Don’t Have To Go Far Kabayan!

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Warning: This blogger is a nature-trip freak..

That’s what you call “A BEACH RESORT”! I was at Residencia De Riego Beach And Dive Resort last Saturday and it was what I call a TOTAL beach experience. If you are the kind of beach bum who prefers semi-private, secluded sand beaches and truly-blue sea, away from the city and all, then you should book at least a one-day stay here! My 1-day and 1-night stay here wasn’t enough though.

As I type this blog post I’m still a bit dreamy of its sea and the resort itself. Charming and enigmatic are the words that can describe it. Of course you should be there first to prove it to yourself.
riego resort
Well, FYI, this blogger is a native Batanguenyo beach bum and all my life I’ve been going to beach resorts here, looking for some hidden, undiscovered pristine beaches to enjoy the night with close friends with a bucket of ice-cold beer and my own-marinade barbeque. I must say this one must be on top of the list here in Batangas.
So if you are cunning to go down South (especially Batangas) to try its sand beaches without the hassle of taking long, nauseating inter-island boat rides, you should try this one. I’ve been to Laiya, Lobo, Nasugbu, Matabungkay, Lemery, Batangas City’s Pagkilatan (all in Batangas) and I must say they were nice destinations ~ “were” nice destinations, when I was a kid (and I’m on my late 20’s now). But if you want a new place to go to this summer or even the rainy months like June onwards, you should check out this one. Either with your family, your significant other or with your colleagues and friends (I prefer the last one he-he).
residencia de riego beachfront
This place is a close-to-perfect summer getaway here in Batangas that will surely make you miss it so bad when you get back home that you wanna come back to this place in a week or two. Sounds a bit exaggerated? Well, I think I’m gonna come back this weekend. It’s like about 20 km drive from my place here in West Batangas, with additional 10-minute speedboat ride to the resort.
Apparently, words and pictures won’t describe the experience. You really have to be there!
What’s so special about the place? If you will notice, most beautiful beach resorts are located at the foot of mountains facing the sea (I don’t know how you say that, pardon the description of “the foot”, I hope you get the idea). I’m talking about beautiful white-sand beaches here, okay? And yes, Residencia De Riego Beach And Dive Resort is one of those unique few. However, it’s not as fine and white as Boracay’s, alright?
By land from Bauan (Batangas), you will have to drive up and past a small mountain passing through Barangay Sampaguita or Baguilawa then going down to Locloc, Bauan, Batangas (the location) which is the West side of the mountain overlooking Balayan Bay where the semi-white sand beach of Riego lies.
residencia de riego beach cottages and tables
The sea is blue and clear with fine sand, just don’t go any farther you might step on corals and rocks and hurt your foot. Since it is facing straight West, a breath-taking sunset will somehow fascinate you if you can appreciate this kind of sensitive stuff. At night you will see the well-lit, famous Anilao, Mabini resorts east-bank of the bay when you do night swimming. 
By the way, you can save the hassle of driving through the small mountain because the resort offers a 10-minute speedboat-ride from a more accesible Anilao Port in Mabini, Batangas.
Composed mainly of bamboo-made accomodations, you can either choose a nipa hut or an open kubo to spend the day or night with. It was fully-booked last Saturday, so we had a small open kubo overlooking the beach and the sea (and the bikini-clad Makati girls playing volleyball at the beach, he he). We also set up a cozy, little tent next to it to add up to the nature-trip state-of-mind that we wanna have on that escapade.
 residencia de riego beach resort cottage at night
 Upon arrival that afternoon, we changed clothes immediately. We dipped and swam on the water like idiots and had fun until sundown. We had a nice dinner with sinaing na tambakol and bulanglang na patola cooked by the seasoned chef of their huge, elevated bamboo restaurant there. Yeah, they offer timeless, tasty Filipino food. Then we went drinking until 2am at their open-air entertainment area with an acoustic band playing contemporary music. Woke up around 8am, ate “seafood lomi” for breakfast then went swimming again until 10am.
 Apparently, words and pictures won’t describe my summer of 2013 experience at Residencia De Riego Beach And Dive Resort. You really have to be there first hand! To really enjoy the place I suggest you stay there for at least two days with a couple of your crazy friends. I don’t know but I just feel so “bitin” with a 24-hour stay.
So now, if you’re feeling that horrible heat of the city and you want a perfect getaway, pack up your swimsuits, swimming trunks and all, and have fun getting lost in Batangas looking for this awesome place. Do not forget to bring a sunblock because you will get sun-burned so bad coz you don’t want to leave the sea when you get there. Pramis.
Take Star Tollway Balagtas Exit. At the exit, take the Batangas Pier road. At the end intersection turn right to Bauan (Batangas). Drive straight to Bauan, about 10km. After passing the Bauan Municipal Hall (under construction), and Petron Manghinao, turn left going to Mabini (Batangas).
From there you have two options, either to travel by land or by sea (10-minute speedboat ride). By land, just head to “Tulay ng San Pedro”, it’s like the boundary of the towns of Bauan and Mabini. When you reach that place, turn right. There is a trike station there. Just ask them the way to “Sampaguita” or Locloc. Basically, all you have to do is drive straight no turning right or left.
By sea, all you have to do is to drive straight to Anilao, Mabini, Batangas after turning left at Manghinao. There’s a free parking lot there for your vehicles. A speedboat is waiting there to take you to the resort itself in 10-15 minutes (P1200 for 2-way maximum of 8 pax). 
If “commute”, take the Batangas City bus from Manila (more or less P200) to arrive at the Batangas City Grand Terminal. Take the Mabini-bound jeepney there and ask the driver to drop you off at the “Tulay ng San Pedro”. Take the trike for a regular of P150 to Sampaguita/Locloc (a friend once paid P240 one way). Do not forget to ask for the trike driver’s mobile phone number so that he can pick you up the next day (no trike station at Locloc).
CURRENT REGULAR PROMOS (as of May 2013) are P2000 for the nipa hut (2 beds), P1000 for open kubo and only P150 entrance per head. By the way, since this is a really NATURE-TRIP kind of escapade, there are NO TELEVISION SETS, LANDLINE PHONES, WI-FI and AIR-CONDITIONING UNITS (just electric fans). If you can’t sleep without AC, do not come here.
2015 Update: I overheard that they are putting air-conditioning units on their kubos due to insistent public demand.
*thanks a lot to sir Jeri and Adrian of Residencia De Riego Beach And Dive Resort, and DJ Cooky for the pics!
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