Do we do sponsorships or media partnerships to promote upcoming events?

We do media partnerships and/or sponsorships to help promote your event.

For, we can be media partners and post your press release and your online poster on our social media accouns to help promote your event. In exchange, you only have to acknowledge “” as a media partner and provide us with all media partner privileges including our logo on your marketing collaterals, acknowledging us at the events and other media partner benefits.

RE-EMPHASIZING to please always refer to us, or mention us as “KABATANG.COM” for all your patrons to know that we are a website.

Email us at

Kindly send us the event poster with OUR LOGO already added, as well as the press release or article about the event, with “” already mentioned as a partner. Below is our logo:



We will respond with confirmation of our partnership. We will try our best to feature your event within 7 working days of you sending the material.

*NOTE: Your event should be at least two (2) weeks away as we need time to prepare for that as well. We usually cannot rush media partnerships unless you are willing to pay a rush fee. We also cannot be a media partner if the posters and marketing materials have already been printed as part of our agreement to do this is to be included in the marketing materials.

Do we have to sign a contract or Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for media partnerships?

For most events, we do not sign contracts or memorandum of agreements since there are no money being exchanged. Just follow the guidelines mentioned above and email them to us for confirmation.

If you have a bigger corporate event that needs a contract or more discussions, please email


What do I do if I want to promote my restaurant / product / brand / widget on your site?

You can email, and we will guide you in this possible feature.

We will get back to you soon if we can find an available writer and photographer to join your event or feature your products / services / brands. Please note that we’ll do our best to try to feature this however we’re not able to allocate resources to all feature requests we get, but we can better prioritize your brand or events if we can work out some sort of mutually beneficial partnership or sponsorship.

What if you want to send us samples of your products (clothes/shoes/pastries/sweets/makeup/anything) for us to review and write about?

For features like this, we’re most likely do an EX-DEAL. We just ask for 2 pieces of anything you want us to feature. One goes to our account executive and the other to our editor. In exchange for the products, we will then write about and feature your products and store.

Telephone number: (043) 403 4530
Mobile Number: 0936 933 0552

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