New Restaurant ALERT: Macky’s Place Bakeshop And Resto-Bar Cafe at Gulod Labac | Your Asian Culinary Tour In Just One Awesome Place! And A Lot More!

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Macky’s Place Bakeshop And Resto-Bar Cafe

Named after their second child, this very promising hangout place in the city is a one-stop shop for your adventurous gastronomic delight. Why? It’s because Macky’s Place Bakeshop And Resto-Bar Cafe is a combination of a coffee, bakeshop and a restaurant-bar. Kinda interesting, huh? Read on.

Not a few years ago, Mrs. Melody Marquez was only dreaming of a simple bakeshop but then her ever-supportive husband Miller wanted bigger. She was so inspired by the unconditional moral support from her husband that she started to even imagine and visualize bigger. “I wanted something that has almost everything in it, if not everything”, mused Mrs. Marquez. And so Macky’s Place Bakeshop And Resto-Bar Cafe was born.

macky's place batangas city 1

Construction of Macky’s started only this year, January just to be exact. From then on, the hardworking couple has been so busy realizing their brainchild restaurant. It was house-blessed last March 12 and its grand opening was held March 18, Wednesday.

A bakeshop and restobar cafe? That’s exactly Macky’s

You heard it right, folks. It is a bakeshop and a restaurant-bar cafe in one. They offer breads, cakes and pastries together with hot and cold variants of coffee. And yes it is a restaurant-bar. Lots of food and drinks to offer. From breakfast goodies like silogs, to pasta menus, sizzling plates up to unique Asian vegetable/meat dishes. Their drinks range from yummy shakes to Heineken beers. Andami noh?! 

Moreover, what’s so distinct about Macky’s Place Bakeshop And Resto-Bar Cafe is that they specialize in Asian food and cuisine. They offer a special selection of food inspired by Chinese (Hongkong, to be exact), Singaporean, Indonesian and Thai cuisines.

macky's place batangas city 2

macky's place batangas city 3

Are there restaurants in Batangas City that offer Thai, Singapore, Hongkong food? Answer: Definitely YES. But in Macky’s, it’s more awesome.

Yup, there are some. Yet, it’s Macky’s Place who took it to the next level with their varieties of Asian food offerings. Thanks to Mrs. Marquez’s slight but very exquisite twist on them. And yes, it sells like pancakes to newcomers!

Once upon a time, when Mrs. Marquez was still a single lady, their family used to have a small business in Singapore. Being a multi-cultural country, Singapore is a food haven for food-trippers and Mrs. Marquez was one of them. As an avid food-lover, Mrs. Marquez came to love different Asian food ranging from Singapore to Thai food. Hence, she developed this special affinity to Asian food that would give birth to Macky’s Place today.

Check out the following specialties they have in this awesome place:

Seen below is not your ordinary fried rice. It has a cooked “gabi” or taro inside (and roasted peanuts as toppings). They call it gabi kiam pung, a Filipino-Chinese rice dish usually served on special occasions. On the right is a special beef dish that’s equally tasty.

macky's place batangas city 4Here’s a to-die-for crab sotanghon. Our group’s favorite when we dropped by at Macky’s the other night. So Chinese with all the flavorful sotanghon and its soup.

macky's place batangas city 5And here’s a nice dish with slices of century egg and some veggies they called polonchay. These tasty eggs are best ingested with the green leaves and garlic in the soup.

macky's place batangas city 7Here’s a nice guisado dish without the pansit… it’s called the Hongkong gabi guisado. Yes, it is Hongkong style, and yes it’s made of gabi. Yet you won’t know it’s gabi when you eat it. But now you know it’s gabi. 😀

macky's place batangas city 13

This one, they call the Hongkong oyster cake. Obviously without the shell to eat more conveniently.

macky's place batangas city 11Below is the fishlep soup. It’s like a fish soup and fish sauce in one. With lots of distinct Southeast Asian herbs.

macky's place batangas city 10And lastly, but certainly not the least is the hoti suahe. It’s prawns wrapped in a very special green breading ( I heard it’s seaweed). A burst of flavor in your palate. A must-try at Macky’s.

macky's place batangas city 14And here’s a cool tofu dish. I forgot what they call it. It’s tofu in a sweet and spicy sauce. I bet you gonna like it good for all ye tofu-lovers out there.

macky's place batangas 15But wait, there’s a whole lot more Asian food in their menu book. In fact they have 12 rice dishes to choose from. And they are really proud they have this big Asian food menu!

Batangas City restaurants represent! Macky’s is THE place…

Yup! The place for an ultimate foodtrip. But if you’re not a big fan of Asian food, don’t fret. Macky’s Place Bakeshop and Resto-Bar Cafe still serve food we know you’ll always be looking for in a Pinoy restaurant. Like what we mentioned a while ago, they have different silog meals and yes, you read it right, pasta dishes!

Aside from that, here are some other notables:

macky's place batangas 15Yup, the picture above is none other than ~ a crispy pata. And can you guess the mouth-watering food in the picture below???

macky's place batangas 19Looks like chicken wings, eh? Nope. These are not chicken wings. Let me give you a nice clue. This food is sooo French! Yup, usually found in French restaurants. They call it cuisses de grenouilles in France. You guessed it right. Frog legs! Ha-ha! Macky’s doesn’t only serve Asian food. They also have this exciting French food! Wanna taste some? 😀

macky's place batangas 18No, silly! These are not your momma’s cheap sliced graham cakes! These are awesome sanz rivals. You don’t have to go to Davao City now to get hold of those precious sanz rivals. It’s available at Macky’s. Sweety goodness gracious!

And of course, you won’t feel full if you won’t drink some, after feasting on these helluva lot of great food from Macky’s Place. Here’s a HUUUUGE image of watermelon shake for you. Cheers!

macky's place batangas 20

And yes, wait there’s so much more! You better drop-by there and check out their menu books to see it for yourself!

At Macky’s, they make you happilly full…

I hope you’re not licking your laptop or smartphone’s LCD display now. We’re not kidding you. Macky’s Place Bakeshop and Resto-Bar Cafe is really a must-try awesome Asian food-trip hub here in Batangas City.  If you wanna get really full and at the same time, feel happy about being full, you should drop by at this very hip place soon. For real.

So what are you waiting for. Call up either your family and friends. Foodtrip na sa Macky’s Place Bakeshop and Resto-Bar Cafe!

Their Location and official Facebook page

Don’t forget to “Like” their Facebook page – Macky’s Place Bakeshop and Resto-Bar Cafe. It is located at Guballa Bldg., Gulod Labac, Batangas City in front of Nazareth Hospital entrance, and past Hotel Pontefino.

macky's place bakeshop and resto bar cafe
Macky’s Place owners and Air1 Radio’s CEO Mr. Herbert Sara and Air1 Radio family would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Marquez and the whole staff  and crew of Macky’s Place Bakeshop and Resto-Bar Cafe for inviting us on their food-tasting and grand opening. We are very confident that people will love not only your very cool place, but of course, your great food offerings. God bless!

macky's restaurants in Batangas City

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