Looking For The MOST Affordable Catering Services In Batangas City? Ar-Geo’s Catering Services Tops Our List! And Even Get More Value…

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Most Affordable Catering Services In Batangas City???

Yup! Ar-geo’s Catering Services believe that Batanguenyo celebrations should not be hindered by limited budget and that “people should enjoy good food without spending too much.” Sounds very budget-friendly, right? So when it comes to the most reliable but most affordable catering services in Batangas City, Batangas City people trusts this name ~ Ar-geo’s Catering Services.

And yes, their tagline is actually, “Why Pay More, When You Can Pay Less”

Meanwhile, we found this picture from their Facebook Page to support their claim:


A Little Throwback For Ar-geo’s Affordable Catering Services In Batangas City

Yep, you guessed it right. Ar-geo’s name came from the combined names of the couple who owns and manages it. They are Mr. Argeo Yasis and Mrs. Arlene Yasis. It became their official business in February, 2009.

Like every business, they started small. Mr. Yasis was a 15-year OFW from Japan (construction) and US (restaurant). One day, he woke up and decided to come back home for good to be with his dear family. And to make a decent living here in Batangas City, he put up a mini-restaurant in front of their house. Driven by his burning passion for cooking and serving great food, his small business paid off.

One time, a big opportunity came knocking on their mini-restaurant’s front door. A big, famous hotel in the city was offering them a cozy contract for a concessionaire. Without batting an eyelash, they grabbed the opportunity despite the enormous challenge that comes with it. With the right formula of courage, passion and determination, they were able to deliver the contract successfully. This achievement made the couple more aggressive on their trade to transform it into a bigger venture.

Being a bank employee, Mrs. Yasis initiated deliveries of packed meals to different banks in Batangas area. It turned out, their customers love their food really well. Both their chicken and pork teriyaki was a surprise big hit! They also started serving packed meals to company seminars. Customer deliveries went up! They were closing deals catering food to 30-60 pax events (with catering equipment including set up) regularly. Later on, they had to rent catering equipment to accommodate 110-150 pax. Eventually, their efforts paid off and these days they fully-own all their catering equipment. It has become the well-trusted Ar-geo’s Catering Services. They’ve grown so big that they can now cater up to 800-1000 guests in one event. Talking about a great leap of success, huh?  🙂

Meanwhile, one customer was truly happy for this most affordable catering services in Batangas City…

most cheap and affordable catering services in Batangas City

The overjoyed client (who even tagged his husband on the Facebook post) described each and every strong points of the excellent service and experience they had with Ar-geo’s. The valued client writes:

“SUPER Thank you ARGEO’s Catering! Sophia’s 1st Birthday was indeed the sweetest place to BEE! Hindi ko mababayaran ang happiness na binigay nyo samin, especially to Sophia. The moment we entered ____, what we saw was more than what we expected. The BEE theme was executed perfectly. The yellow and black balloons (and of course the BEE mylar SUPER THANK YOU), the yellow and black table set-up (lalo na yung buffet set-up), the sweetest Candy Corner, mouthwatering food, super cute cake, very helpful waiters and waitress – a Party that we could ever wish to Sophia. Tita Arlene you’re an ANGEL! I really never planned of having a Grand Party but you made it Grandest! ARGEO’s Catering — “Why pay more when you can pay less”, a tagline you truly live by. With all my heart, from me and the rest of my family. THANK YOU!!!”

And this made Ar-geo’s owners Tito Argeo and Tita Arlene Yasis really happy, too! Look:

logo cheap and affordable catering services in batangas city

This is the happy logo of Ar-geo’s Catering Services. Tita A (Mrs. Arlene Yasis) told me about the story behind this. There was like a trade fair event in SM City Batangas. While checking out on the exhibits, one cartoonist/caricature artist offered his service to them and that resulted to this work of art, which is now the company logo. They look really happy to serve even on the logo, aren’t they? 😀

Look at them owners and happy staff of Ar-geo’s Catering Services… One big happy family, eh!staff of cheap and affordable catering services in batangas city

One dude in front is just too shy to smile. Nevertheless, happy employees spell happy customers. And happy customers bring forth a profitable, well-loved business, ayt?

And just in case you are wondering, this is what the Ar-geo’s famous Chicken Teriyaki looks like…

cheap catering services in batangas city

Mouth- watering, huh? Ar-geo’s somehow owe a portion of their success and popularity to this Chicken Teriyaki recipe of theirs. Their patrons have learned to love this original and authentic Ar-geo’s delicacy since the early days of their foodpack side gigs. You don’t have any event or function but you wanna have a taste of their bestseller menus? No worries. They currently accept cooked-to-order packages for their bestselling recipes. They just have a minimum 4-kilo-per-menu requirement.

And remember, the tagline of this most affordable catering services in Batangas City is: “Why Pay More, When You Can Pay Less”.

argeos catering services in batangas city

Yes, why pay more, when you can pay less? Now all ye’ readers, don’t forget this. Ar-geo’s Catering Services stand firm on their belief that Batanguenyos should enjoy good food without spending too much, even on a limited budget. Now that’s a great company with a big heart, isn’t it? Choose Ar-geo’s!

Like their official Facebook Page: Ar-geo’s Catering Services

For inquiries to Ar-geo’s Catering Services you can also contact this number: 0999-839-7828

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