La Luz Beach Resort: 40 Important Things To Know About La Luz Batangas Before You Actually Go There!!!

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I was searching for a list of Laiya beach resorts online and this La Luz Batangas kept on showing up on the Google search results. And despite the fact that we have like thousands of beach resort attractions here in Batangas, there’s so much buzz on this La Luz Batangas. I was curious enough on why this La Luz Beach Resort is extra famous among netizens especially to Metro Manila tourists who prefer no-airplane-and-no-boat trips when it comes to an ultimate summer escapade in the beach. Why do people search for this beach resort?

la luz beach resort beachfront

The famous La Luz Beach Resort in Batangas, anyone?

I research about this La Luz Batangas resort that they talk about over Google and here’s what I found about the famous La Luz Beach Resort:

  1. A significant number of La Luz Beach Resort reviews point out that this resort is one of the best Laiya beach resorts in San Juan, Batangas.
  2. It is located somewhere between Barangay Laiya-Aplaya and Barangay Hugom in San Juan, Batangas.
  3. Car or public transport to La Luz Batangas is around 2-4 hours travel from Metro Manila.
  4. Tollgate is more or less Php1000 (two-way) plus gas and the required Php20 Ecological Fee of Php20/pax upon entering the Laiya area. Don’t ever bypass them. They will chase you with a police car.
  5. They seldom allow walk-in. Most of the time you have to make a reservation. It is usually jam-packed during weekends so an advance booking is really required especially for overnight-stay visitors.
  6. You can easily rebook if you need to.
  7. La Luz Beach Resort contact number number is 09278053484 (the more active one) while their e-mail is
  8. It’s kinda hard to contact them personally during reservations via email and text message, but you have to for faster transaction. Takes days. Messaging them on their Facebook page is also advisable.
  9. For easier booking, you can login to to reserve a room, then follow the instructions afterwards.
  10. For a day-trip, they charge Php900/pax, and they require a 50% downpayment for the reservation, either paid at its office in Manila or deposited directly in its BPI account. Then you can e-mail them a copy of the deposit slip for payment confirmation.
  11. You pay the remaining balance on its office upon arrival.
  12. New arrivals are usually offered with a refreshing glasses of iced tea and some cold towels.
  13. Be careful with their steep 50-steps stairs going down to the resort proper from their guest reception area.
  14. La Luz Batangas is pet-friendly. They charge Php450 entrance fee per pet.
  15. La Luz Beach Resort rates on its six different types of accommodations are as follow: Standard Php3360 max 6 people (Aircon, 2 Semi-double beds); Junior Premier Php3360 max 4 people (Aircon, 1 Queen Size bed); Premier Php4500 max 6 people (Aircon, 2 Semi and 1 Double bed); Premier Loft Php5520 max 10 people (Aircon, 5 Semi and 1 Double bed); Annex Php3360 max 4 people (Aircon, 2 Semi Double Beds) and Annex Loft Room.
  16. Take note: there are no TVs and refs inside the rooms simply because the “management has opted not to place any TV sets or refrigerators in any of the rooms to maintain the natural ambiance”. Don’t fret, though. They have Wi-Fi.
  17. They have these cozy iPhone speaker made of bamboo on most rooms.
  18. For overnight-stay guests, towels are provided in your rooms plus the usual hand wash, shampoo w/ conditioner and body wash.
  19. For additional beddings, you can actually request for an extra mattress complete with pillows and a sheet that comes in minutes.
  20. You can bring chips and other minor food. You pay a corkage fee for your alcoholic drinks. Beer sells at Php50 per bottle while 1.5L softdrinks are sold at Php90.
  21. Cooking is not allowed.
  22. An overnight stay charges Php1200 per person. This includes a lunch (upon arrival), an afternoon snack, dinner and breakfast the next day before checkout. Mind you, these are buffet meals. Take note: room is not inclusive on this fee.
  23. Food is great and a couple of bloggers agree with it. Great value for your money. Expect less or no seafood, though. They serve fish, anyway.
  24. Their 4-dish buffet lunch is served 12nn until 2pm, and merienda is from 3pm to 5pm.
  25. The resort is generally clean and well-maintained even their common restrooms.
  26. The resort is mostly furnished with native materials. You should check out their cool mini children’s playground.
  27. They firmly believe that water is a very limited resources so they strictly encourage water conservation inside the resort’s premises. So be mindful of that.
  28. This is no Boracay, of course. The sand is not powdery and white. Instead the beach has pebbles and loose corals. The color is more dirty-white than white. Water is not crystal clear. We sugggest that you bring aqua shoes for a more comfortable and safe swimming experience.
  29. The sea has a very significant drop-off when it comes to depth. It becomes pretty deep in 15 feet away from the shore.
  30. Significantly, lifevests are being hand out for free.
  31. It also has a floating raft somewhere in the sea that adds for the attraction.
  32. Diving and snorkeling are the main activities in the resort. Other activities are kayaking, flying fish, boardgames, volleyball and hiking.
  33. La Luz Beach Resort rates for Kayaks is Php200/hour and P2500/15minutes for flying fish.
  34. For daytrips, shower area is enough for a fairly big crowd. It’s sugggested that you bring your own towel and toiletries.
  35. We suggest that you book an overnight stay for a more dazzling ambience of the resort. Also, they regularly put a bonfire at night by the beach.
  36. Beach chairs and cabanas with cushions at the beach front are included on your overnight-stay package. However, for daytrippers, cabanas are on a first-come first-served basis so it is important to go to the resort early during weekends and peak season when there are more guests.
  37. Loud music is not allowed from 10:00 in the evening till 8:00 am the next day.
  38. Karaoke machines are prohibited within the premises of the resort.
  39. Resort’s staff is very warm and accommodating. La Luz Beach Resort reviews state that its staff are among the most accommodating and most friendly service providers they have ever met.
  40. Guests should check in at 1:00 in the afternoon and check out at 11:00 am.

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la luz beach resort at night
La Luz’ Transformation At Night
la luz beach resort laiya
La Luz Beach Resort

la luz beach resort laiya beach resorts

 La Luz Batangas wins!

After finding these info, I must say La Luz Batangas is worth our summer vacation. However, with these info that we gathered, it only suggests that La Luz Beach Resort is a nice haven for people who seeks a nice, peaceful and quiet summer escapade. This is more of a “chillax” place, than that type of beach resort that party peeps frequent to.

To go or not to go? Well, I’m pretty sure I’d be putting this La Luz Batangas resort on my summer bucket list this year! Bloggers agree with their reviews on this resort as one of the best Laiya beach resorts, so I’m taking that as a big YES for La Luz Beach Resort. Kitakits! 😀

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