Batangas Radio Station: How They Actually Make Money While Playing Our Favorite Songs

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So, being a Batanguenyo, which Batangas radio station do you listen to? Have you ever wondered how each Batangas radio station here work and how they get money to sustain their operation?

I remember when I was a kid I could only listen to Radyo Balisong, an AM radio station. There was no FM radio station back then until GV 99.9 surfaced as the first FM station here in Batangas province. Then eventually other radio stations were established giving thousands of radio listeners in Batangas with more options.

Let me give you a little radio station 101 first. There are 3 types of radio station depending on the coverage – national, regional and community/city. National radio are the ones that covers half of Luzon (or Visayas and Mindanao) and are usually located in Metro Manila. Their transmitters are like powered more or less 50,000 watts to broadcast signals all over the land, going down to Southern Luzon up to central Luzon or up to Ilocandia depending on hthe quality of their equipments. Good examples are Big/Win Radio, Love Radio and MOR. Meanwhile, regional radios are the ones in the province but covers a big region. Good examples are Air1, Spirit, and Drive Radio in Batangas City. Although located in Batangas City, their signals can go as far as Marinduque and the farthest towns of Quezon province. Another example is the Lucena-based radio station Kiss FM in Quezon that can reach as far as Tagaytay. They are usually powered more or less 5000 watts to broadcast their signal in a whole province and its neighbors. Lastly are the city or community radios, like the former Bay Radio (in Batangas City, now Brigada News FM), Citibeat and Magik in Lipa City, Rave FM in San Juan, Batangas, and Radyo Natin in Lemery, Batangas. This kind of radio stations is primarily focused on the community or city where they are located, and from to time their broadcast reaches neighboring towns.

How does a Batangas radio station operate? How do we get those music and noisy DJ’s voice inside our radio? A must-have for a radio station is a studio. This is where the DJ speaks over an advanced microphone that is connected to an audio console/mixer that is connected to a radio transmitter equipment that is again connected to a big antenna on top of a building that broadcasts or spreads the signal to the target area. However, radio stations prefer to have their transmitter antenna to be situated in the highest altitude as much as possible so they put them in mountains. So this time there will be two equipment having a relay-message type of communication between the studio and the tower in the mountain.  I heard Manila stations have thneir transmitter tower either in Antipolo or somewhere in Tagaytay while local CALABARZON radio stations have their own towers along the mountain ranges south of Batangas

Now, you’ve been thinking, how on earth do they survive years of operation with just music and DJs. What on earth is the business model they use? Are they businesses in the first place? Here’s the answer.

Let me tell you how radio stations work by giving you a more familiar example. I’m pretty sure you watch a few free TV channels like GMA7, ABSCBN and TV5 in particular. Radio stations work exactly like these free TV networks. Why FREE TV channels? What do I mean by that? Free TV channels don’t ask for a fee from their televiewers/audience to watch their programs and are the exact opposites of premium cable channels where televiewers pay a premium monthly subscription to watch special channels like HBO, Balls, Discovery and the like. To view free TV channels on your TV, all you have to do is set up a TV antenna and voila! you can watch them already. But how can they sustain their operations if they don’t charge fees or money from their audience? Their business model is thriving on advertising. These TV stations produce great, highly-entertaining shows that attract millions of audience and in turn offers this huge audience to eager national advertisers for them to promote their products and services. These advertisers pay millions of pesos and that’s how these TV stations earn big money. The equation here goes like this: highly-entertaining show = million televiewers = big opportunity for companies to promote products/services = pays millions to the network = lots of commercial ads during your favorite show. And you hate it right? But you have to be thankful for these commercial ads though. Your favorite show will not air without them. Because the payments on these commercial is the money that pays the director, the actors/actresses and the whole staff of the network.

And this is the same exact mechanism that runs your favorite Batangas radio station. Radio station creates nice programs with nice DJs and your favorite songs. Households, students, business establishments, public and private transports tune in. Coverage is huge. Advertisers get interested with the huge market reach of the station, make advertising deals with the radio station. Radio station earns money from advertisers. Radio entertainment continues.

It’s a lot more cheaper to do it over the radio than billboards and TV. Local businesses prefer radio stations. For less than 10k they can already have like a few plugging over the radio in a month. National advertisers also subscribe to radio stations for a more targeted promotions of their products and services, and usually they pay a little more because they are usually huge companies like P & G, San Miguel Corporation, Asia Brewery, Nissin Monde, etc…

Also, your Batangas radio station usually gets involved on different kind of events like concerts, pageants, town fiestas etc.. They earn additional revenues in exchange for events

Clear enough? That’s how your favorite Batangas radio station survives and continues for years on providing free entertainment to people. And it’s not only for entertainment, it’s a money-making machine for business owners. It’s like a 3-way love affair – radio station makes people happy, advertisers happy with lots of people they reach via radio, people happy with products they learned to love via radio, radio station happy with payments from their advertisers. Hope it’s clearer now 🙂

Before, there was no FM radio station here in Batangas. Fortunately, we do now have a couple of radio stations that we can listen to. Not much but we can deal with it on a boring Sunday night when you are too bored already with your mp3 playlist, right?

How about you? Do you listen to these radio stations? Which radio station here in Batangas do you prefer and why?

Note: Why do I know these stuff? I am part of a Batangas radio station – Air1 Radio 91.9 FM Southern Luzon, May iba pa ba?! 😉


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