BG Burgers: Why Batangas City People Are Going Crazy Over This Home-Made Grilled Burger?

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This home-based burgerjoint hype spread out of nowhere and the turn-out is really impressive.

Where is it

BG Burger was born in the garage of this big house somewhere in Brgy. Pallocan East, Batangas City. If you’re familiar to the posh Greenwoods village, BG Burger is like 500 meters past Greenwoods.

So what’s the whole fuss about this hamburger? Why do lots of people come to this house in the suburb of Pallocan East to get a grab of this burger?

Viral in Facebook

Actually, what really happened is a social media wonder called viral marketing. It so happened that the owners of this home burger business have a great marketing strategy for their business. They took pictures of their customers with their ordered burger meals and then upload it on their Facebook business page. And before you know it, the business already spread like wildfire in Batangas City. We were there last Saturday, and we witnessed first-hand how this burger joint is being flocked by customers. The owner even had to produce extra tables and chairs to accommodate all arriving customers. What happened here? You make ask. Is this burger all about Facebook. Let’s see.

What really made it click

I noticed that most customers are from the A-B bracket. With cars and all. One thing, the place is in Pallocan East. You’re not gonna come there via trike just to taste their burger, right? How about this – they offer a big, juicy grilled beef patty hamburger with drinks and tasty fries for only 130 bucks (add P30 for extra bacon strips)! Kinda pricey for some people, but hey we are talking about a gargantuan “grilled beef patty” here. You eat something like that in a classy resto here in Batangas and you will be charged like 250 to 300 bucks for a burger. Crazy, right? But no worries. With BG burger patties, you know you get the value for your P130. Another thing, these garage burger joint will not spread like a wildfire as in viral in Facebook for nothing. People who came and eat here definitely enjoyed the burger and the service. As for your blogger, I enjoyed my cheeseburger and very much willing to drop by again when my burger craving sets in again. The patty was big, juicy and tasty and grilled just right. “Grilled at its best” as the business tagline says. I love that distinct grilled beef flavor complimented by some other special spices in there. My cheeseburger was served with a couple of french fries and a glass of iced tea. Perfect for a merienda, ayt? Customer service was good. They were friendly and customer-oriented in a way.

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Now we know

We have so much to learn about this BG Burger business. Out of nowhere, it has attracted lots of customers, much to the surprise of other restaurants who opened and can hardly get customers. And they did it with just 2 very essential yet familiar business ingredients – social media marketing (via Facebook) and an incredible home-made product (their tasty burger). BG Burger owners seemed to know exactly the right kind of marketing strategy for their business. They know exactly the kind of customers they want to attract and so they concocted the perfect patty that these customers will surely love. And of course, a little customer service won’t hurt.

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Try it!

If you have the time (or that bizaare burger craving), holler up on your close friends, make that trip to Pallocan East and try this hottest burger joint in the city. Really worth the trip!

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