The “Other” Secret Recipe Of F. Baylosis Restaurant REVEALED!

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F. Baylosis House of Crispy Pata and Chicken

When you talk about the best full-scale family restaurant in Batangas City, you can only get one trusted name that spells highly-satisfying dining experience – it’s none other than the F. Baylosis Restaurant. It is the pride of Batangas as the home of the best crispy pata and chicken.

All I know is that they started crispy pata delivery service from their residence somewhere in Arce subdivision (Hilltop, Kumintang Ibaba) around year 2000 with a few food menu selection in their garage. Chances are, you must have heard their early-days radio ad at Spirit FM. Eventually, by way of word-of-mouth from their loyal satisfied customers, F. Baylosis has become a trusted household name for great family dining experience.

In 2010, they transferred to their new cozy home at G.C. Berberabe Subdivision in Pallocan West. Since then, they gained rapid growth, getting more and more famous year after year. In Oct. 2013, they opened their Lipa City branch in Sabang, Lipa City. And September this year, they opened their Bauan branch in Brgy. Balayong, Bauan.

f baylosis restaurants in batangas city

For some reason this restaurant has established itself over time gaining popularity and prestige among Batanguenyos and over its competitors. Based on our observations, these are the reasons why people love F. Baylosis…

Excellent Customer Service

Their staff are courteous and very prompt to dining customers. Warm smile welcomes guests right at the lounge. They are well-trained to attend to their guests’ needs with all sincerity and dedication to their job. They’re like your bestfriend in the restaurant, always there when you need them most. 🙂

Warm Ambience

The restaurant is themed like a cross between modern Italian and Spanish architecture design. Its interiors radiate a warm cozy ambience perfect for family dining. There’s no place like this in Batangas City. I can’t even compare their restaurant’s feel from the uptight ambience of hotel restaurants. The lightings, curtains, and it’s decorated walls are just plain so homey. Kulang na lang e humilata ka sa sofa nila, dahil feel-at-home ka talaga…  🙂

Superior Quality Food

Although their main food offering is crispy pata (and chicken), they also offer a wide range of mix European, American and Pinoy (inspired by food from different provinces) delicacies expertly cooked by their well-pampered chefs. That is, happy cooks spell delicious food. Their customers love the way their food are prepared and served, the unique F. Baylosis way that makes them coming back regularly. Masarap at affordable na, malinis pa! 🙂

crispy pata baylosis

This is how F. Baylosis came to be loved not just by the Batangas City folks, but together with the rest of Batangas (as proven by their Lipa and Bauan branch). Their food, the restaurant building itself and the people who works there, together they compose this magic equation/recipe that brings exceptional delight to both their Batanguenyo and non-Batanguenyo patrons.

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Now, if a tourist’s gonna ask me about the best restaurant to dine in when lost here in Batangas, I’ll definitely suggest F. Baylosis… When asked why, I’ll say it’s the “Starbucks of semi-fine dining in Batangas.” You just don’t pay for your food here, you pay for that great dining experience.

And that’s what makes F. Baylosis Restaurant a real Pride of Batangas…  🙂

*F. BAYLOSIS HOUSE OF CRISPY PATA AND CHICKEN is the famous Batanguenyo “Pride Of Batangas” restaurant located at G.C. Berberabe Subdivision, Pallocan West, Batangas City. Their other restaurants are located in Brgy. Balayong, Bauan and Brgy. Sabang, Lipa City. For Lipa City, contact 0916-697-9488 and 043-702-7919 in Barangay Sabang, Lipa City. In Bauan, contact 043-706-2088, 0932-491-9878, 0920-545-5774 and 0916-585-6950, in Barangay Balayong, Bauan, Batangas. They also provide catering services for your special occassion like birthdays, weddings, seminars, meetings and other corporate affairs.

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