Bluroze Farm: One Of A Kind Farm Attraction And A Must-See In Lipa City, Batangas!

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Bluroze Farm

When you want to break away from the stressful life in the city and needing a sweet instant escape somewhere near, there is an accessible place that you can go to here in Batangas. No need to drive through mountains, or endless roads. It is very near and it is one of the best places to visit in Lipa City Batangas. It is the Bluroze Farm: Parks and Wildlife. By the way, it is not Blue Rose in Lipa, ayt? It’s “Bluroze Lipa” when you search it online.  And yes, Kuya Kim will surely love this place. Why? Read on.

bluroze farm in lipa city

Why you will love Bluroze Farm in Lipa City, Batangas? Here’ why:
  • Farm-fresh air since there are like thousands of big trees inside. Tree shades all over the place, it’s crazy! This place will be your sweet escape from the troublesome city life, it is located in the middle of a farmland in the outskirts of Lipa City. You won’t hear the usual city noise!
  • The place is neat, pretty, organized and well-planned.
  • You will get to see up-close the huge legs of ostriches (they will make the biggest drumsticks!), snob baboons, stealthy crocs, playful irritating monkeys, sheeps, awesome birds (peacocks, hawks, etc…) and huge sleepy snakes!!!! Also, there are boring hens running around the park, plus wild boars (they are caged, don’t worry).
  • There’s a huge dike here (it acts as the park’s drainage during rainy season) that looks like a barren desert during summer, where ducks and sheeps alike convene. You wonder why? Come and check it out.
  • There is a water tank tower that you can climb to through a dizzying spiral stairways. I think it is as tall as small 10-storey building. You get to see vast landscapes of Lipa from the top. I am altophobic but I tried it, anyway. It was breath-taking!
  • If you wish to meditate in this very relaxing place, there’s a small chapel in the middle of the park, and next to it is the “Garden Of Saints”, like a mini-park of religious statues from the Bible complete with flora and fauna (plants and flowers, my dear).
  • Swings! Get to enjoy this very nostalgic ride, with swings tied up on trees on a small hill! Dare to hit it on full swing, and then you can say you’re flying! Speaking of cheap thrill, he-he.There is even a place there somewhere in the tree shades where you can have HAMMOCKS to take a nap with when you get too tired touring the place.
  • Biking around the park. You can rent bikes there, affordable though.
  • Run across their grass park, roll on the grass, lie down on the grass. Lay down your picnic blanket and enjoy!
  • The pesky Bluroze Farm maze. You will get lost in this maze for sure on your first try. Next time you come here, try it again and you will get lost again.
  • The Bluroze Farm mini-bridges! It leads you to a nice spot overlooking the barren dike with ducks and sheeps.
  • Campsite. Accomodations. Team-building facility. Children’s park!
  • Eat good delicious affordable food. They’ve got a small cozy restaurant there that serves great food. A must-try!
There you go. I am not in any way connected to Bluroze Farm. I just love this place. It’s simplicity and authenticity. By the way, they have nice little kubo accomodations there where you can have an overnight stay. This place by the way is famous for recollections and camping activities. Countless schools from Manila tour all the way from the metro to here to experience these stuff I’m telling you about.
Perfect little place for nature and animal enthusiasts.

About Kuya Kim, this place is perfect for nature and animal enthusiasts. Get close encounters with different kinds of animals here i.e. crocodiles, wild boars, baboons, monkeys, wild cats, ostriches, peacocks, hawks, boa constrictors (huge snakes), hens, goats, sheeps, wallabies (kangaroo relatives) and some kind of chickens or birds that looks really weird. They even have a cassowary there, one of the world’s most dangerous flightless birds. Moreover, most of the tress and plants there are labeled with both their common and scientific name, how’s that for a fun botany and zoology impromptu class? After all, Bluroze Farms is a wildlife park.

How to get there

Easy. Take SLEX then drive all the way to Tambo Exit of STAR tollway. This will be your only exit since you enter SLEX, so very convenient, huh? When you exit Tambo, turn left of the national highway (going to Lipa City Proper) and drive 1km past Iglesia Ni Cristo church and you will see a road on the right along the curved national highway. drive through there until you reach the barangay road of Lodlod, Lipa City. Turn right and drive again about 5mins and you will see on the left “this way to Bluroze” (again not Blue Rose in Lipa) and that narrow road will take you there.. When you get lost along the way in Lipa City, do not worry. You are not mute, use your mouth to ask for directions. You can always ask the locals there. Don’t ask the dumb-looking ones though.

Bluroze Info: Purok 6, Lodlod, 4217 Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

Tel. No. +63 (43) 756-5452; +63 (43) 312-4705

PS. Do not be afraid to be lost on the way, it is the beginning of an exciting adventure 🙂

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