Angel’s Burger: Batangas City’s Hottest Franchise Business To Date

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My first encounter with Angels Burger

I started eating Angels burger when I was still living in Makati back in 2008. It was nearing payday, so as usual we were broke due to overspending. We had to find a cheap, filling, delicious food. Back then it already had long queues of its patron customers, since it is handsomely located at the densely-populated Tramo St. along the congested Buendia/Gil Puyat Avenue before you reach Taft. We would brave the heat, noise and smoke of Buendia to get a bite of these uber-tasty minute burgers. For only P23 you already have two mini-burgers to fill your tummy. I usually add in like 23 bucks for my cheese and a Mountain Dew to complete my humble meal. There’s a hot sauce handy at the counter to make these burgers extra hot. After all it’s kinda boring to eat hamburgers without that extra hot sensation in your mouth.

angels burger
angels burger


There’s a lot of burger stores here in the Philippines i.e Tropical Hut, Brother’s Burger, Army Navy, Hungry Hippo, Mcdonalds, Jollibee, Burger King, etc…(my personal choice is Tropical Hut!) however the huge portion of the population, the so-called “common masses”, mostly cannot afford to get hold of these burgers. And there is where Angels burger come in.

Why Angels burger is such a hit…

So with the masses in mind, after Angel’s Burger introduction to the market, it was such a big hit among the locals specially in the highly-urbanized Metro Manila where getting three decent meals a day is kinda tough if you are unemployed or have no regular means of earning a living. They say it’s the cheap price. They say it’s the quantity (buy 1 take 1). What made it a big hit among the Filipino masses? I think it’s the rich flavor in a very affordable price. If it’s the price alone, then why are the other burger joints being overshadowed by this newbie, you may ask? Consequently, we thought burger stands are dead. People got sick over these old burger joints offering boring menus of sad, mediocre, second-rate burgers with unreasonable prices. Good thing Angel’s Burger came and saved this lowly industry and somehow “revolutionized” the standards of these economy hamburgers (they now sell buy1 take1 as well). Angel’s proved that you don’t really need to totally reinvent the business. Honestly, its stores aren’t that impressive aesthetically. Yet they sell tremendously. I believe it’s the burger and the bun for an affordable price! Yes, it’s the QUALITY that sets them apart from their competitors now. Buns are almost always fresh compared to its old competitors while their burger patty although a bit small is very tasty, delicious and mouth-watering (from time to time you’ll get to chew fresh garlic or onions on it). Their burger patty recipe is really awesome! Not only that. I used to commute very early in the morning for work and I would regularly see these huge Angel’s Burger delivery truck in the highway as early as 4am. For me, it guarantees fresh patty and buns everyday. Furthermore, it has an excellent marketing strategy ~ the ever-trusty word-of-mouth from its patrons and its funny exhaust fan strategically installed in front of the store (to spread the mouth-watering smell of it’s fried patties all over the place).

With the overwhelming response of the people over this burger joint, I believe this is a big potential money-maker nowadays. There is an overwhelming Angels burger franchise inquiry over the Internet yet still no online presence as of this writing. I scourged the Internet yet of no use (or maybe I’m not searching too hard. Ha-ha!) I heard it costs around P250,000~P300,000 for a single franchise (I thinks it’s too low, still). However, as of June 2014, info all over the Internet says that Angel’s hamburger has stopped selling franchises.

Don’t fret. Actually, you can create one for yourself. You already know how it works. It’s the quality, tasty burger for a very affordable price, targeting the masses. Word-of-mouth marketing is the main marketing strategy plus the funny exhaust fan in front of the store that spreads the mouth-watering smell of a grilled, I mean fried patty. A little income-management and Facebook marketing and I believe you can already start something like this for a future successful business, ayt? Don’t forget to use a very simple catchy name and logo.

Ironically, Angels burger franchises have sprouted all over the place here in Batangas City and Batanguenyos evidently love it. I got a small list here of their stores in the City if you happen to crave for their burgers and hotdogs when you’re there. 

By the way, I realized upon writing this blog that the actual name of the business is not Angels Burger but “Angel’s Hamburger” 😀

Batangas City Angels Burger stores: 

  • in front of Caedo Commercial Center, Calicanto
  • behind Andok’s at “traders” P. Burgos
  • Pallocan West, side street of SM near Integritynet Building
  • Sta. Rita Talipapa
  • near PNP Provincial Headquarters, Kumintang Ilaya
  • front of Fil-Oil Gulod Ibaba
  • front of Golden Country Homes (BSU Alangilan)
  • near Red Cross Batangas, BRH road, Kumintang Ibaba
  • Libjo Talipapa

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Feel free to comment your favorite Angel’s Burger tambayan in your location. Who knows I might be able to drop by and eat there! By the way, if you find this post helpful, do not forget to share it to your friends who might want to know these stuff. There are “share” buttons below!

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