Welcome to KaBatang.com!

KaBatang.com is a blog about our dear province Batangas and everything that makes this place a charming place to live in and visit! It is also an online community that helps connect the people of Batangas all over the planet.

KaBatang.com wishes to showcase the contemporary culture and the way of life of the province and everything else that makes this big little province unique and outstanding not only among CALABARZON cities and provinces but nationwide.

Moreover, KaBatang.com also shares thoughts, opinions, and ideas of the blogger about stuff. Worthy of mention, too, are the trending news and topics that we share regularly to keep our kabatangs well-informed. Meanwhile, we are not connected in any way with the Batangas LGU but will have to interact with them from time to time for useful information beneficial to the Batanguenyo people.

KaBatang.com aims to remind not only Batanguenyos but also each and every people who come here, about how beautiful and homey this city is amidst all its flaws.

KaBatang.com promise that we will keep you entertained and well-informed with this little project that we have.

Thanks a lot for visiting our blog 🙂

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