Are You A G-Shock Fan? Read Here…

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G-Shock watches have taken Batangas by storm that it bothers me already. Just like the time when “Pusong Bato” song was such a big hit.


Mind you, Casio G-Shock has been here all this time and no one seems to bother wear it like a decade ago here in Batangas. When I was in high school back in the WPC-transitioning-to-UB days, I can already spot a few kids wearing one. That was early 2000. In college I got hooked into undergound hardcore music and I usually see hardcore kids wearing one. I fantasized from time  to time to have a G-Shock as well to be “in” with the crowd and relate to other “hardcore kids”. Unfortunately, watches were really not my thing back then, what more for those big bulky G-Shocks. So I passed from that.

And it was not until recently that I noticed wearing G-Shock is becoming a big fad or fashion statement in Batangas. I think it started last year and going stronger this year or at least until their fake G-Shocks die on them, if ever they own one ( I used to have an imitation though but that was a long time ago). Why the sudden boom? Was Daniel Padilla wearing one? Or Yeng Constantino revived wearing this big timepieces? We never really know. But one thing is for sure at least for me — people wear what their favorite celebs wear. And that really got me thinking.

Aside from that, what could be the reason why G-Shocks is such a hit now. Let me count my personal reasons:

  • Everyone has it. And you’re cool when you go with the flow. Right? Most of the time, correct.
  • It’s so big, one day you’ll realize you’ve grown muscle on your left or right arm. A well-formed arm like Daniel Matsunaga’s with all the triceps and triceps LOL
  • It’s so famous even its fake or class A counterparts look really genuine. You won’t be mistaken wearing an imitation. You saved a couple of thousand bucks this way. Another LOL
  • Lots of perks features embedded on the interface, but you have no idea how these stuff work. You only care on the time and date.
  • It’s tough. It’s made of tough resin rubber that will stand the test of time. One day you’ll get tired wearing it. You’ll upgrade to something more expensive brand if you got the money.
  • Teens wear it. If you’re a little old, try wearing one. Tested “pampabata”.
  • When you wear a genuine one, you’re a rich kid. Why? Because a single piece of low-end original G-Shock sells more or less 5k in local shops here in Batangas. So when you wear a fake/imitation one, you are a [supply the correct adjective]. Let’s admit it, I used to wear one haha! I found a genuine one on sale once at Cash N’ Carry in Makati that sells for as low as P2500. Don’t expect it to be the latest model, okay?
  • It’s so big it’s like screaming at people’ face – “Hey I got a G-shock! You can’t buy this!”
  • The brand name itself is “asteeg”. Read: CASIO G-SHOCK. Great job for the Casio branding team. You don’t want to be caught wearing a Seiko or the cheap Q&Q, right? In fairness to the aforementioned brand, they make quality matches, but their names don’t sustain the teen ego. Agree?

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How to know if you’re buying the genuine one? You can check Google for that all the time. In Batangas, you can buy genuine ones either in the department stores or on trusted watch shops in the malls (SM City Batangas and Lipa, or in Rob?) Buy online via Lazada or Zalora, the trusted ecommerce shops in Ph. Wanna buy second-hand? Try or, but be wary with fake ones. If you are on cost-cutting, you can join local Batangas online seller FB groups and search for “gshock” or “g shock” (on the upper ight corner) for class A G-Shocks that’s around only P300 and up. Look for a legit seller, though. Be careful.

So there you go, G-Shocks all over this post. I just got one question though before we end this post —  if you will offer a free watch to teenager, one is a high end Casio G-Shock watch that sells more or less 20k and the other one is a luxury silver-plated Rolex. Which watch do you think will the teenager grab? You have doubts right? That’s how hot it is to have this bulky watch on your wrist.

But for me, without batting an eyelash, I will definitely get the Rolex. Ha-ha! Anyway your blogger here resorted to Timex Ironman Triathlon series which my girlfriend describes as a “kid’s watch”. So much for a sportswatch. Ciao!

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